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Increasing reach and awareness for movie content with dynamic call to actions allowing movie fans to engage deeper and create more mobile engagement plus real-time analytics

Smart Call to Actions

Users are watching more and more video content on their phones. MovieLaLa recognizes user behavior and built smart call to actions at the pause and end roll of video content so movie fans can instantly sign up for more content, share with friends on any platform, and seamlessly buy tickets, to bring more movie fans to the theaters.

Real-Time Data and Analytics

Our beautiful dashboard gives studios all the insights about film audiences so studios know more about WHO is watching their film content. In a beautiful and simple design, our dashboard allows studios to learn more about movie fans such as: who they are, where they are clicking, how much of the content they are watching, where are they sharing it, etc.

Efficient Re-Marketing

MovieLaLa knows how important it is to re-target fans who’ve already watched the trailer and expressed intent in seeing the movie. Therefore, we’ve built a smart system to allow studios to re-target users to remind them when the movie is in theaters and to buy tickets. Let’s get more butts in seats!!

24/7 Care and Support

We have a team of engineers and managers who respond quickly and make sure delivery of the product is on time. We work transparently with studios to make sure execution is delivered in the most efficient manner possible.


About Our Team

Dana Loberg

CEO / @luckyloberg

Los Angeles native. Yale graduate. Used to work at Fox Studios.

Sahin Boydas

CTO / @sahinboydas

Boston native. Istanbul raised. Technical. Movie buff.

Robert Millet

Head of Biz Dev

Los Angeles native. Original Mark Burnett partner. SV & LA.

Hollywood Studios

Ready to merge movie content with technology in desktop and mobile so content gets tracked with the vitality it deserves?

We’re excited to implement new technologies into the content for a reasonable fee.